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Sometimes what I give isn't quite enough

Sometimes I wonder why life is so tough

Sometimes I think that I shouldn't be here

Sometimes I embrace life but with so much fear

Sometimes my future just seems like it's not there

Sometimes my hardships, I cannot bear

Sometimes confusion sets in so deep

Sometimes I sit in the corner and weep

Sometimes I ask myself "Am I Alright?"

Sometimes I don't give up without a fight

Sometimes I think too much about the past

Sometimes I tend to put everyone first and myself last

Sometimes I don't like to sit, I'd rather stand

Sometimes even I lend a helping hand

Sometimes I would like someone to see the world through my eyes

Sometimes I'd like to laugh so no one hears my cries

Sometimes I would rather lift my head high than hang it in sorrow

Sometimes I think that I will do it, maybe tomorrow

Sometimes I procrastinate way too much

Sometimes I shiver from someone's touch

Sometimes I wonder about my own death

Sometimes about who will be there when I take my last breath

Sometimes I have a strange feeling inside

Sometimes I just want to run away and hide

Sometimes people get the wrong feelings about me

Sometimes I wish I could be free

Sometime, Someday, Somewhere...


Are You My Friend?

Are you my friend or are you not,

You told me once but I forgot.

So tell me now and tell me true,

So I can say I'm here for you.



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